Ok I just listen to Chris Renaud New CD a brand new Chevy, everybody needs to buy this CD even if you don't like country music I think you'll all like this CD he has them for sale now you can message him or if you can't get him I'm sure I can let him know BUY it today you'll love it I promise

Scott Turcotte Gardiner

Gotta buy this cd!!!


Hey everyone, take a listen to this new Canadian Country artist from North Bay. Sweet addictive song out on radio. If you like your Chevy, this is the song for you.

Julie Bernard-Day

Satisfied fan!


Chris Renaud is & has ALWAYS been a GREAT ENTERTAINER So I suggest, the next time he & his Band is playing at Shooters at the Voyager in North Bay, GET DOWN THERE & hear what all the AWESOME FUSS is about I've known Chris for MANY years & have ALWAY tipped my hat to him. If any of you have NOT had a chance to go to Chris's site here is just some of what Chris is all about as a COUNTRY ENTERTAINER & a STAND UP MAN !

Johnny Trudell

satisfied customer and friend







I LOVE getting this stuff in the mail! Popping in the new Chris Renaud cd "A Brand New Chevy" right now! Thanks Chris! Congrats!! ? feeling happy.

Celine Tellier

satisfied customer


Thanks again for the great interview Chris. Good luck with the show and the album release.

Sophie Bergeron


I just listened to the track of your new song A Brand New Chevy and I loved it! I can't wait to hear the rest of the album! let me know when I can pick one up! Thank you Chris

Fleurette Drouin


~Awesome job Mr Renaud ~ I knew years ago this day would come ~ Best of luck from your # 1 NEWFIE fan ! !

Tina Susanne Louise Baker


Good interview and great song! just waiting to purchase the cd

Maxine Hummel


Awesome tune. Don't forget, make sure my name is on your list, I wanna buy one! 😊

Penny Walsh


Amazing! Sounds great! I can't wait to hear the whole cd

Elizabeth Osborne


I love it!!! Parts of that song could be the new Chevy truck promo ad!

Lorieann Whittaker


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